With over 15 years of experience, the company continues to understand the complexities of an ever-changing industry and strives to anticipate the individual goals and concerns of its clients.  The variety of our clientele is testament to the fact that SIX DEGREES remains not only reliable and professional, but is also able to provide our production services within a wide range of our client's budgetary needs. 

Seven years as an in-house producer for an advertising agency and a renowned international company has given Maren Oetke, the extensive experience to the unique aspects of your advertising goals. Since 1995 she has established trusted working relationships with film commissions, local crews, and location agencies.  

Our international team  is offering you a customized, personal service. They are experienced, resourceful, hands-on and completely committed.

SIX DEGREES manages productions in the US and internationally to established and new destinations.

We are committed to support your vision and see it to fruition.